CMS シーエムエス その他電装パーツ (3280033320) RECTIFIER ASSEMBLY

ずっと気になってた CMS ASSEMBLY RECTIFIER (3280033320) その他電装パーツ シーエムエス-カウル



GS650G 1981 (X) (E01 E02 E04 E06 E16 E18 E21 E22 E24 E39)
GS650G 1982 (Z) (E01 E02 E04 E06 E16 E18 E21 E22 E24 E39)
GS650G 1983 (D) USA (E03)
GS650GL 1983 (D) USA (E03)
GS650GT 1983 (D) (E01 E02 E04 E06)
GS650M 1983 (D) USA (E03)
GS850G 1982 (Z) GENERAL EXPORT (E01)
GS850G 1982 (Z) USA (E03)
GS850G 1983 (D) GENERAL EXPORT (E01)
GS850G 1983 (D) USA (E03)

The Rectifier can start to break down in time, almost imperceptibly at first, but the deterioration will get worse, with the very real potential to damage the battery by boiling it dry!
We can also supply the other items you may need to complete your electrical system rebuild - check both the product gallery and our online schematic where you can find all the items with their respective part numbers. This will aid you in locating the correct items for your model.
Check the schematic for your model and take a better informed decision when placing your order. No company is more pro-active in seeking out those essential spares - that said don’t miss out on this item.

※パーツリストの画像は「Suzuki Gs650g 1981 (x) (e01 E02 E04 E06 E16 E18 E21 E22 E24 E39)」の車種のものです。